In the event of a decision to refuse an application, annul or revoke a visa, the applicant shall have the right to appeal as follows:

  • In case of refusal, the appeal may be lodged with the Embassy of Hungary in Cairo within 8 days of receipt of the rejection by the applicant. The consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade shall decide on the appeal within 15 days.

Appeals against the annulment or revocation of a visa can be lodged within 3 days, also at the Embassy in Cairo. The appeal is dealt with by the Minister responsible for foreign policy within 5 days.

Fees for appeals

The appeal fee is EUR 160, payable in Egyptian pounds at the current exchange rate. The appeal fee is not refundable even in the event of a positive decision at a second stage.

Without payment of the appeal fee, the appeal procedure may not be initiated.

To file an appeal, you need to book an appointment in advance:

In case of no appointments available to lodge an appeal, please contact us at the following email address:

In case of a negative decision on appeal, a public lawsuit might be initiated.

The appeal decision may be subject to Administrative court review.

In the event of refusal, a new application may be submitted at any time, subject to a new payment of the visa processing fee.