Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Hungary in Cairo!

I consider the support of Hungarian interests as the fundamental task of our Embassy in Cairo, the capital of the most populous country in the Middle-East and the Arab World. Egypt has a determining role in this whole region, and – due to its ancient culture, the hospitality of the Egyptians as well as the beauty of this county’s natural scenes – stands out as one of the most popular destination for the Hungarian tourists.

The relations between Hungary and Egypt have a great past. This is proven also by the fact that the sceptre – one of the crown jewels of Hungary – is decorated by a mountain-crystal that originates from Egypt. In addition, the fast and reliable motor-trains are known till these days in the Nile-Valley as ’magari’, since the Hungarian GANZ Factory produced the prototypes of these railway vehicles.

Egypt is a distinguished partner of the European Union in the Mediterranean Region. Therefore, our traditionally close relations are expected to be enriched continuously and filled with new contents in the field of policy and economy. It is our top priority to further enhance the Hungarian exports which had witnessed already a remarkable development during the past years as well as to strengthen the chances of Hungarian companies to participate in the implementation of EU-funded projects in Egypt.

Tens of thousands of Hungarian tourists visit Egypt every year. Consequently, helping and supporting those of them who need it during their stay in Egypt is also an important task for us.

Our Embassy is accessible for all Hungarian citizens during 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

In order to help preventing unexpected, inconvenient situations that might happen to Hungarian citizens, this website provides useful information on pre-requisites of travelling to Egypt, tips for those staying in Egypt, listing of touristic opportunities and various other events, in addition to a general review of the health-care situation.

Thank you for your kind attention!